T. Neil Brown: Homeless mom a victim of bad policy

April 12, 2014 

Regarding “Look upon the real face of poverty” (Opinions, April 2): I’m morally compelled to speak out about this horrible travesty of justice. And yes, leaving her kids in a car was not very smart. But, something tells me that Shanesha Taylor and her children would never have found themselves in this situation if they hadn’t been homeless.

The larger questions are these: Since when did it become acceptable for mothers and children to be homeless in the first place? When did it become OK to take food from the mouths of babes by cutting food stamps while banks, the very cause of the 2008 recession, go unpunished? And when did burdening the needy with unconstitutional laws like drug testing for food stamps become the new norm while those who attempt to further erode the rights of the poor are themselves caught with cocaine?

Shanesha Taylor and her children, already victimized by poverty, are just the latest casualties in the Republican Party’s war on the poor. And while her story might make those in some quarters laugh and cheer, in the end I found tears welling up in my eyes and a new resolve to do everything I can to be of service to my fellow man.



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