Bill Poulos: Second Amendment protects guns, us

April 12, 2014 

Regarding “Guns have one purpose: to kill” (Letters, April 7): As one who train others in safe firearm usage, I am troubled at the analogy. The hypothesis is that all instruments have a useful purpose except firearms. I don’t remember pencils writing by themselves, or forks putting food into one’s mouth by themselves. Each of these requires the thought and motivation of the person holding the item.

Ignorance of the Second Amendment does not excuse one for comparing firearms to other inanimate objects. The adage “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” holds true. The inspired framers of the Constitution put the Second Amendment in there for two reasons: We have the “unalienable” (God-given) right to protect ourselves and our families with a gun, and, under the law, protect ourselves from any government that tries to suppress us and our freedoms – including our own.

Trained and moral people should all be allowed to possess “any” firearm under the law. To “register” all firearms has nothing to do with crime but everything that Hitler envisioned when he used that registry to confiscate firearms from the Jews and their sympathizers. The rest is history.



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