Jeffre Hudson: Gay influence on business is wrong

April 7, 2014 

Regarding “Gay rights view is tech CEO’s downfall” (Page A4, April 4): I am outraged by the pressure exerted by members of the gay community that caused Brendan Eich to resign as CEO of Mozilla because he donated money to support Prop. 8. I am equally outraged by the pressures exerted by the gay community in Portland, Ore., that forced Melissa and Aaron Klein to close their family bakery because they politely declined a request to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

In both of these cases, homosexuals used their influence, the pressure of “perceived” political correctness and the power of the almighty dollar to impose their will. It seems the very intolerance so despised by the gay community is becoming the modus operandi of many of its members. Since when is intimidation an appropriate method of reaching an acceptable goal? It is impossible not to hear the loud, abrasive voice of the bully in the schoolyard, but submitting to his threats is not an option.



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