Michael Hauschild: Lawyers do not make good legislators

April 7, 2014 

Most of our representatives in government at all levels lack the necessary education to make any useful laws to solve today’s problems.

A law degree might be of some use in writing new legislation, but laws are usually made at the request of lobbyists or contributors. In some cases a new bill is submitted state by state, by groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council, with only one word changed, thus bypassing the federal government. Such groups, good or bad, all must have a lot of money, or votes, in order to get their way. That way is shortsighted and based upon artificial man-made economics, politics and belief systems. That is the fast track to extinction.

Look at the weather, politics or the general condition of all things that we have some degree of control over. Do you see room for improvement? All those who function in our government should have knowledge of real science. Some philosophy or nonreligious morals could also be required so that our leaders might have the integrity to question themselves before acting.



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