Carol S. Benson: They should make a movie

April 5, 2014 

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Obama hijacks one-sixth of America’s economy and destroys our health care system. Our national debt, $16 trillion-plus, can never be paid off, so the Fed prints more play money. Russia and other countries are stockpiling gold and withdrawing assets from the United States. They want to collapse the dollar. Putin “annexes” Ukraine. Iran and North Korea continue developing their nuclear weapons.

A Phoenix reporter lets it slip that White House correspondents submit their questions in advance to Jay Carney, and his scripted answers are in their hands before he answers. CNN hires comedian Kathy Griffin; another CNN anchor says maybe a black hole swallowed the Malaysian airliner.

Obama goes on “Funny or Die” and “Ellen.” The first lady flies her mom and daughters plus an extensive, expensive entourage to China. Why? To load up on gold jewelry? POTUS screens a new movie in the White House, then jets to Florida for a personal appearance and fundraiser.

Earth is flat. America has 57 states. You and I are clueless, hapless extras in “The Truman Show.”



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