Mark Bomboy: He doesn’t believe bike lane on Ninth Street will be used

April 5, 2014 

On April 1, a proposal for a bike lane was presented to the Modesto City Council. The lane would be a junction between MJC west and east. Most of the length of the lane would be on Ninth Street between Tully Road and the Carpenter Road overpass.

This length of road has no shade and little protection from the elements. This is the last road I would want to ride a bike on. At the council meeting, I asked if a study had been done to find out how many bicyclists would actually use the fancy bike lane that cost an arm and a leg. The response was essentially, “We’re working on it.” My bet is that a negligible number will put this lane to use. The council then approves the matter. This is not just two white lines painted on a roadside, it’s very pricey.

Show me an unbiased study, done by an independent group, and not a bicycle club at MJC, that the number of bike riders will be significant enough to justify this project. I am all for bicycling as a clean alternative to internal combustion engines, but it just isn’t worth the cost.



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