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Ron Agostini ruminates on Final Four, Hulk Hogan’s return to Wrestlemania

ragostini@modbee.comApril 4, 2014 

Reading time, two minutes:

• Wrestlemania 30 on Sunday will be hosted by one of the stars of Wrestlemania 1 – Hulk Hogan. Could he be saving one more leg-drop for Triple H?

• The inaugural Wrestlemania featured Hogan and Mr. T. in a tag-team match against “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. Hogan is 60. Excuse me while I continue aging.

• My favorite: The Undertaker. Too scary for words.

• The Modesto Nuts continue on the road before their home opener Thursday night against Rancho Cucamonga. Send a “welcome back” to Trevor Story, Ben Allsup, Will Swanner and Tyler Gagnon.

• UConn’s Kevin Ollie, one of today’s Final 4 coaches, is the new hot name. Bet he’s tracking back to the NBA...soon.

• The Women’s Final 4 coaches are Genio Auriemma (UConn), Tara VanDerveer (Stanford), Muffett McGraw (Notre Dame) and Brenda Frese (Maryland). Heavyweights, all.

• Check Sunday’s Bee for the 14 inductees to the Modesto Junior College Athletic Hall of Fame. Impressive list.

• Next week’s Masters won’t feel the same without Tiger Woods. But, incredibly, he hasn’t won it since 2005.

• Jack Nicklaus didn’t need all those muscles. He competed in every major from 22 to 58.

• We can agree: Had Al Davis still been alive, he would have signed DeSean Jackson about five seconds after he was released by the Eagles.

• Don’t buy all the gang talk about Jackson. The Eagles cut him because his coach (Chip Kelly) didn’t want him.

• The Eagles got rid of a star player. Warning bells, I’d say, for someone like the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig.

• And while the Final 4 steals the headlines: Fresno State vs. Siena today in the winner-take-all CBI final.

• A reminder from baseball columnist Bill Arnold: The Giants’ Bruce Bochy is the longest-tenured manager in the majors (20 years). He accepted the baton from Jim Leyland.

• The Giants’ Brandon Belt hit three home runs in his first four games. Those Baby Giraffe hats will start selling again.

• The A’s log so many walkoffs. They should market all their celebration dances.

• Brandon Row is waiting at AT&T Park for the Giants’ home opener: Belt, Brandon Hicks and Brandon Crawford, their clubhouse lockers side-by-side.

• Injured Dodger Brian Wilson, no more a Giant favorite, already has won the battle – a $10 million contract after his second Tommy John surgery.

• Daunting news for the Modesto Metro Conference: The Modesto Christian girls, state champions, expect to improve next year, and they’ll join the MMC.

• The A’s new closer Jim Johnson blew his first two saves. Makes A’s fans yearn for the good ol’ days with the entertaining and angry Australian Grant Balfour (Tampa Bay).

• David Letterman, the longest-serving late-night TV host in history, will retire next year. More time to root for Ball State.

• The NFL says it’s policing concussions while it flirts with increasing the schedule to 18 games. Sounds like the league is trying to have it both ways.

Local high school golf has noticed those nasty low numbers posted by Central Catholic. The latest was a 180 – all five scores between 34 and 37 – at Diablo Grande’s Legends.

• The Giants’ Angel Pagan has started fast. With him last year, the Giants were 44-34. Without him, 32-52.

• Next week will mark the first Masters without the Eisenhower Tree at the 17th. All trees and flowers are revered at Augusta National, the closest thing to golf church.

• Remembering a golden oldie on Final 4 Saturday: Bobby Hurley, Duke (and Kings).

• Wrestlemania 30 will be held in New Orleans. Is the French Quarter ready for that WWE crowd? Methinks the answer is “Yes.”

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