Charlie Lockett: Protect the vote or lose your freedom

April 1, 2014 

Paul Wyrick, founder of Heritage Foundation and adviser and writer for President Ronald Reagan, said, “We don’t want everybody to vote. When everybody votes we lose.”

We are seeing in this nation the destruction of the very thing that keeps us a free country: our right to vote. State after state with Republican-controlled legislatures and governors are passing laws restricting voting and voter access to the polls. This undermines the very foundation of what this country is built upon – the voice of the people.

States are requiring special identification that can be obtained only at certain times and at certain locations. Some of these locations require a person to travel great distances, and they are open only a couple of days a week and a few hours of those days.

Early voting is being taken away along with extended hours, and there are now fewer polls where one can vote.

I disagree with the late Mr. Wyrick, I believe we win when everybody votes. We must stop the voter suppression that is going on in the land of the free so we remain that way – free.

Remember when they start taking rights away; how long until yours are gone?



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