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Agostini: Kaepernick and 49ers may talk about contract soon

ragostini@modbee.comMarch 28, 2014 

Reading time, two minutes:

• 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh wants his front office to address the contract of quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Turlock), who continues to be an NFL bargain ... but not for long.

• Harbaugh often talks through the media to General Manager Trent Baalke to make his point. Sort of accelerates the story about the two not getting along.

• Just once, I wish someone would echo Harbaugh on my behalf: “Pay the man!”

• Erin Cafaro, Modesto’s two-time Olympic gold medalist rower, will journey to China for the Youth Olympic Games this summer as a selected role-model athlete. Can’t think of a better one.

• Northwestern football players will unionize. How long before the first Wildcat strike?

• College football-player unions could take hold ... until some league gets outsourced overseas.

• The Modesto Junior College Tournament will welcome 16 teams this December for the second straight year. Good news.

• A feather in the Big 8 Conference’s cap: The Santa Rosa men won the state community college basketball title.

• Johnny Manziel wore shoulder pads and helmet, thanked the media and scouts for showing up, played hiphop music and didn’t throw a bad pass during his pro day. If the Texans don’t draft him, they might as well retreat to the Alamo.

• Know this about Manziel: Whomever gets him sells out their stadium. Pronto.

• President George H.W. Bush attended Manziel’s pro day. Two words: Star Power.

• Kentucky’s freshmen jelled to eliminate Wichita State last weekend. Too bad. No team was more appealing this season than the Shockers.

• There’s no classier look in college basketball than the UCLA uniforms, so what was that ugly sleeved thing the Bruins wore this week? John Wooden would not have approved.

• Wonderful career by Creighton’s Doug McDermott. Not sure how that “Dougie McBuckets” nickname will work in the NBA.

• Mercer’s five seniors beat Duke. That’s why the NCAA Tournament is still a must-watch.

• The Dodgers have 160 games left and manager Don Mattingly already is treating his first Yasiel Puig headache. More on the way.

• Sports Illustrated magazine has the Athletics losing to the Nationals in the World Series. At least we know the outcome.

• The Cal State Stanislaus men made history with their postseason run. Remember that, rather than how it ended for the Warriors.

• The San Antono Spurs insist that ghosts reside at the Claremont in Berkeley. They’re right. The ghost’s name is Ray Allen.

• DeSean Jackson freefell from “supstar” to “gang member” within 24 hours. Go figure.

• A typical ESPN news cycle: An expert proclaims something in the morning, it’s echoed throughout the day until SportsCenter runs with it at night – a “story” created by the network.

• Just a hunch: Jackson soon will hear from the Patriots.

• Congratulations to the Modesto Christian girls for their D-3 state title. Not bad after an 0-5 start (two of those losses game to state finalists).

• The MJC baseball team (19-4) is home for seven of its final 12 games. The Pirates are worth watching.

• Just because Opening Day is near: Ellis Burks.

• Still one of the best entertainment bargains in Modesto: The Nuts, soon to start their 140-game California League season.

• Wishing a get-well to MJC throwers coach Bob MacKay.

• One of Harbaugh’s best qualities is his willingness to bet on himself. See Gabbert, Blaine.

• The Warriors’ Mark Jackson, who’s had his squabbles with assistant coaches, owns one influential ally: Stephen Curry.

• Harbaugh and Mark Jackson share two things in common: Disagreements off the court or field but none on them.

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