Bill McCarthy: Don’t target Border Patrol agents

March 26, 2014 

Regarding “Border Patrol video may be key in killing” (March 22, Page A5): It is apparent that you’ve rejected all common sense in favor of criminal illegals and how dangerous the job on the U.S.-Mexican border is for these agents. Of those so-called poor, innocent illegals caught crossing yearly, 60 percent possess weapons able to kill – and that does not include the millions of rocks that are lying around, one of which an illegal tried to kill an agent with. Only a fool ignores the deadly force a rock can yield! Maybe you prefer the agent should have died?

Ask yourself: After 50 years, illegals know that when crossing a border into the U.S., if caught they will be arrested, treated well and returned to the border unhurt. U.S. Border Patrol agents do not kill or injure unless attacked or criminal activity is present. It is a needed response!

A simple answer: Require all illegals now here for more than three years to get a “sponsor” as a condition of legal entry, only with an eight-year time for eligibility for U.S. citizenship instead of five years! The “sponsor” is a character test. If no sponsor is willing, deportation mandated.



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