Robert Van Groningen: Obama is weak, brainwashed

March 26, 2014 

Ominous signs began five years ago when newly elected President Barack Obama apologized to all nations. Being brainwashed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s preaching for 20 years, Obama believes America is the oppressor and villain! A look back at history proves how wrong our president is. The United States has always been a bastion of freedom! All true Americans have willingly sacrificed to help defend other countries against tyranny.

Our commander-in-chief has sunk to new levels of incompetence. Americans cannot believe or trust President Obama’s own words. Even the Russians have called Obama a jokester. Obama’s 20th century fantasy ideology does not work! Only peace through strength gets the attention of rogue countries. We need a president with intestinal fortitude. Russia, Iran, North Korea and terrorist organizations are watching this entire thing take place.



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