Karen Mosser: Ban on feeding feral cats won’t work

March 25, 2014 

I attended the Riverbank City Council meeting in February about the feeding of ferals at Jacob Myers Park. It was recommended that the City Council review previous actions taken to manage feral cats and rescind permission to feed cats, which was given to feral cat caretakers in November 2010.

The City Council needs to look into contracting with our trap/neuter/return Stanislaus County shelter and put an end to their cat overpopulation problem. Feeding bans have never worked anywhere, but TNR does. It ends the reproduction cycle of cats. Feeding-ban laws and ordinances are an ineffective and cruel approach to feral cats. In certain situations, feral cats who have been fed on a consistent schedule can become dependent on caregivers for food. To abruptly discontinue care in these cases is cruel and can lead to the death of some cats. Cats will not disappear simply because compassionate people can no longer legally feed them.

I asked the Riverbank City Council to educate themselves about TNR and consider bringing TNR to their city. I want my civil servants to be model citizens. I want them to be part of the solution, not the problem.



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