Paul Konsdorf: Are criminals really victims?

March 25, 2014 

Regarding “Board OKs benefits for prostitutes who were raped” (March 21, Page B5): The California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board determined prostitutes sexually assaulted while engaged in their illegal sexual activities are eligible to receive reimbursement “for their medical costs and related expenses including counseling, lost income and increasing home security.” Seriously?

Following this logic, a drug dealer who is shot while being robbed of his illegal narcotics and money would be eligible for benefits. How much lost income do we consider? What was stolen from him and how much lost income does he get as he recovers? I’m sure the board can rely on the prostitute’s W-2 filed for his/her illicit income. Then he may receive enhanced security measures at his residence. Really?

There’s not enough room here to consider all the possibilities of people engaging in criminal activity that, unfortunately, somehow in a twisted circumstance become the victims themselves. Unbelievable!



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