Bill Wood: Obama’s ‘leadership’ a disaster

March 24, 2014 

Barack Obama in his first presidential campaigning declared that he wanted to change America and he was elected and elected again. He repeatedly apologized for our role of leadership in the world. His apology speech in Germany met with thunderous approval. In one of his conferences with world leaders, an open-mike comment was particularly chilling. He told Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev to go back to the Kremlin and tell Vladimir (Putin) that he would have more flexibility to deal with Russia after he was re-elected. The vodka must have flowed freely in the Kremlin after that declaration.

President Obama’s remaking of America has led to the disaster in Crimea. The magnificent gains accomplished by President Ronald Reagan are being lost. Who knows what country(s) will be returned to the revitalized Soviet Union – the Baltic states next? The next step down from global leadership involves giving up Internet control. As cyberwarfare emerges as a new battleground, the U.S. prepares to hand Internet leadership to some international group. The disasters and scandals go on with Obamacare as the “star.” The failure of leadership has to end and we must resume our world leadership role.



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