Richard Kappmeier: Media, Obama are in cahoots

March 22, 2014 

Thanks, Mr. President! As the leader of the free world, you have set a great example. That example is, if you don’t like a law or you disagree with it, then just ignore it. You have changed the ACA by fiat numerous times without debate or a vote of Congress. Don’t like the 25 mph speed limit, so, as you demonstrate, we can just ignore it!

The base reason, Mr. President, that you can ignore law and the Constitution, is that the liberal media has forsaken honest journalism and in its place moved to propagandist reporting. Without a fair, complete and factual analysis of all the facets of an issue, presented by neutral journalists, media of any kind is just muckraking propaganda that fosters the weakening of our freedoms.

America, the way to change from this is to hit the liberal media in its pocketbook: cancel your subscriptions and don’t watch the “mainstream” TV outlets. After all, even though they want to tear down capitalism, they do have the profit motive in their hearts and those “journalists” cash paychecks; they must hate themselves every time they see their bank accounts increase!



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