Lori Martin: Don’t use prom as an excuse to drink

March 20, 2014 

The glory of prom and graduation celebrations is just ahead. Shimmering dresses, rented tuxedos and a cap and gown come to mind.

Prom is an event to hold lifelong memories. I never had the opportunity to go. I did go to my graduation in a wheelchair in 1993.

When I was 16 in April 1992, a drunken driver hit me head-on. I had multiple broken and dislocated bones, torn tendons, a swollen brain and paralysis. I spent weeks in a coma. I stayed at two hospitals for seven months. Therapy followed for 17 months.

I can walk now, but my hearing and speech were damaged. This will not prevent me from educating people about the dangers of driving drunk.

I proudly spoke to Modesto police officers, making them aware of how important it is to catch drunken drivers. With high school proms coming, officers will be on the lookout. Safe roads are what the towns will get.

I urge teens to promise the community and police that no driving will happen if drinking is done. Mistakes are obvious when you drink, then drive. You can easily face death or have the injuries I live with.



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