Alfa Broderick: Pay attention to politicians’ backers

March 20, 2014 

Wood Colony continues to be occupying important space in The Bee, and with plenty of reason: That beautiful area, which has been a valuable part of Modesto for over a century, is being coveted by developers hungry to change that fertile area into an industrial park, housing development and highway, with all the pollution, noise and other inconveniences that this kind of “progress” implies. It will come at the expense of hard-working, honest farmers who love their lifestyle and surroundings, but would be forced to sell and leave.

The pressure must be tremendous as greedy developers don’t want to abandon their pursuit. And I wonder: Why can’t those developers’ names be known to the public? Even better: Why not uncover the names of any City Council members whose campaigns received, or are planning to receive, monetary contributions from those developers so that we know who is behind this terrible idea and can vote accordingly when election time comes again?

Not because we build new houses, industrial complexes and highways will jobs automatically follow. On the contrary: There are plenty of empty industrial buildings and houses all over and around Modesto as it is. Why not do something about those awful eyesores first?



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