Mike Simpson: Our flag is OK anywhere, anytime

March 18, 2014 

On March 16, I sat and opened my newspaper to the letters, as always. Then I read the letter, “ School, court were right on flag T-shirt ban” (Page D2). Though I have written many letters to The Bee, I have never felt the need to respond to one as I feel that all expression of opinions leads to knowledge; correct or incorrect, you still learn.

Please remember who we are, Americans – all of us, regardless of our race. As Mexican Americans, I do not think they would mind seeing an American flag T-shirt on their cultural holiday. I am certain that their response would not be to instigate trouble, or really care, as they are also Americans.

Understand this, regardless of the reason or intent, the American flag can be flown, worn, displayed, anywhere and anytime an American so pleases. No school or court can override that which is established. Remember where you are, and it’s not Mexico. The federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges who ruled against America have forgotten who and where they are and should be removed from the bench. The school should have more faith in their Mexican American students and remember who and where they are.



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