Linda Coit-Ayala: Story of longevity is endearing

March 10, 2014 

“Old is New”

What a nice story about Levelle Davis (“Centenarians are old age’s new face,” Page A1, March 2).

It’s so refreshing to read stories about good people who live into their 100s and do it with moderation and involvement.

He lost all his fingers in 1944 in a work-related accident and continued to work 32 years more – no disability for this guy! Stanislaus County has 70 people who are 100-plus – why can’t we read a story and see a picture of each of them instead of the pictures of the carjackers? Thanks, Supervisor Dick Monteith and Rep. Jeff Denham, for recognizing Mr. Davis.

I’d like to say to the Social Security office, “Keep on sending those checks.”

Mr. Davis is like his clock collection, he keeps on ticking. Leonard Davis, you are one lucky guy to still have your dad for 77 years and counting. What a role model for you and for those who need a role model to follow.



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