Jim Wing: More ‘tea’ for Gov. Brown

March 8, 2014 

“Fiscal discipline is the fundamental predicate of a free society” – Jerry Brown on national TV last Sunday.

Wow. Is this California’s governor? Kathleen Parker thinks he may be sipping a little tea on the side; if so, I would like to see him begin consuming it by the gallon. The train to nowhere was turned down in Florida as too costly to taxpayers, even though that train did connect two vital areas. Sending Northern California water south (as if we had extra) at a cost of over $16 billion makes little sense. Why not try desalinization? They do it on cruise ships for up to 5,000 people, so we know the technology is available.

If fiscal responsibility is really Jerry’s goal, he might consider not pushing these projects as they are not very budget friendly. Maybe Jerry ought to start consuming that tea by the bucket!



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