How Stanislaus District Wrestlers Fared at CIF State Meet

March 8, 2014 



Logan Eaton, Jr., Oakdale, (3-2)–p. Gavin Melendez, Gilroy, 5:02; d. Richard Casillas, Northview, 7-5; lost via pin to Justin Mejia, Clovis, 2:47; d. Ross Arve, Buchanan, 5-4; lost to Michael Rangel, Calvary Chapel, 5-2.

Adam Velasquez, Fr., Modesto (0-1)–Forfeited to Navonte Demison, Bakersfield.


Steven Abbate, Fr., Central Catholic (0-2)–Lost to Perez Perez, Windsor, 21-10; Lost via pin to Tyler Felix, Los Banos, 2:58.

Tanner Browning, Jr., Golden Valley (2-2)–Lost via pin to Matt Gamble, Monache, 3:20; d. Alex Nunez, Alta Loma, 11-1; d. Gage Kim, Sutter, 6-5; lost to Vincent Parra, Northview, 10-2.

Nico Colunga, Jr., Oakdale (5-3, 6th place)–Lost to Jared Luty, American, 3-2; d. Julian Gendreau, St. John Bosco, 7-0; d. Perez, 11-8; p. Parra, 2:21; d. Dean Parker, Centennial/Corona, 4-3; d. Tristan Gilliland, Clovis, 8-2; lost to Adrain Camposano, Central, 11-3; lost to Durbin Lloren, Buchanan, 3-0.

Tyler Felix, Jr. Los Banos (2-2)–Lost to Scotty Kiyono, Poway, 6-3; p. Abbate, 2:58; d. John Whisner, Rim of The World; 9-8; lost to Jared Luty, American, 9-7.


Israel Saavedra, So., Modesto (5-0, champion)–D. Anthony Vargas, Citrus Hill, 10-0; p. Carlos Morales, Victor Valley, 1:38; p. Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield, 5:08; p. Yoshito Funakoshi, West Torrance, 5:02; d. Gionn Peralta, Vacaville, 5-4.

Trevor Williams, So. Oakdale (1-2)–d. Julian Gaytan, Clovis, 12-7; lost via pin to Roy Galvan, La Quinta, 4:26; lost via default to Curtis Booth, Folsom.


Rafael Herrera, Sr., Turlock (0-2)–Lost to Jonny Parada, San Fernando, 6-4; lost via default to Daxton Gordon, Brawley.

Angel Velasquez, Jr., Modesto (6-2, 4th place)–P. Josef Martin, Stockdale, 3:04; lost to Khristian Olivas, Clovis, 3-2; d. Devon Lyle, Liberty, 11-0; d. Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan, 3-2; d. Zander Wick, San Marino, 6-4; d. Manny Lair, Poway, 13-0; d. Jonny Parada, San Fernando, 3-2 (3 OT); lost to Kristian Vasquez, Martin Luther King, 3-1.

Devon Sookhoo, Sr., Enochs (2-2)–D. Gordon Daxton, Brawley, 16-4; d. Eric Royfman, Washington, 7-2; lost via pin to Zander Wick, San Marino, 1:33; lost to Anthony Hernandez, Vacaville, 5-4.


Paul Fagbamila, Sr., Beyer (0-2)–Lost via pin to Matthew Ontiveros, Central, 3:02; lost to Adrian Tovar, Poway, 5-4.

Chase Herrin, Sr., Hughson (0-2)–Lost via pin to Zahid Valencia, St. John Bosco, :58; lost to Joshy Cortez, Temecula Valley, 7-2.

Nick Valadez, Jr., Pitman (1-2)–D. Adrian Tovar, Poway, 2-1; lost via pin to Victor Olmos, Gilroy, 1:48; lost to Cortez, 7-1.

Caleb Patrick, Sr., Argonaut (0-2)–Lost to Isaiah Hokit, Clovis, 14-3; lost to Ryan Barela, Barstow, 6-2.


Reese Chew, Jr., Kimball (2-2)–D. David San Miguel, Bellarmine, 7-3; lost via pin to Abel Contreras, Porterville, 2:47; d. J.J. Reed, Servite, 5-4; lost via pin to Tyler Lawrence, Escalon, 2:50.

McCoy Kent, Jr., Enochs (6-1, 3rd place)–P. Ben Castillo, O'Connell, :49; d. Dean Esquibel, Buchanan, 11-4; lost to Mike Longo, Santiago/Cor 7-6; d. Chris Lane, Clovis West, 12-7; p. Tanner Robison, Del Oro, 1:31; d. Uzo Owuama, Bloomington, 5-3; d. Sergio Enloe, Poway, 3-2.

Tyler Lawrence, Sr., Escalon (3-2)–Lost to Owuama, 10-0; won via default over Trevor Silva, Windsor; d. Brandon Claiborne, Oak Ridge, 8-6; p. Chew, 2:50; lost to Joseph Dominguez, St. John Bosco, 4-2.

Emilio Saavedra, Sr., Modesto (6-0, champion)–D. Josh Annis, Bakersfield, 17-2 tech; p. Aaron Mora, Firebaugh, 3:18; d. Luke Troy, Calvary Chapel, 3-1; d. Joseph Dominguez, St. John Bosco, 9-2; d. Uzo Owuama, Bloomington, 5-3; d. Mike Longo, Santiago/Corona, 5-4.


Ethan Morse, Sr., Golden Valley (0-2)–Lost via pin to Chris Garcia, Clovis West, 1:26; lost to Alex Hernandez, West Valley, 5-3.

Josh Peterson, Sr. Beyer (0-2)–Lost via pin to Enrique Green, Mission San Jose, 5:53; lost to Leon Shlemoon, El Cajon Valley, 10-1.


Trent Nicholson, Sr., Kimball (2-2)–P. Danny Alvarado, Mission Oak, 1:15; lost to P.J. Klee, Cardinal Newman, 21-6 tech; p. James Quintana, Clovis East, :57; lost via pin to Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West, 4:29.

Romeo Ontiveros, Jr., Merced (1-2)–Lost via pin to Joseph Granger, Rancho Buena Vista, 4:44; p. Jorge Perez, Armijo, 3:29; lost to Quintana, 8-5.


Tanner Reeves, Sr., Oakdale (1-2)–Lost to Freddie Garcia, Santiago/Corona, 8-4; d. Connor Watson, Folsom, 7-2; lost via pin to Ruben Alva, Elsinore, 2:55.

Logan Wolfley, Sr., Pitman (3-2)–D. Jake Maas, Liberty, 5-4; d. Anthony Mesa, Sultana, 4-2, lost via pin to Michael Lopez, Victor Valley, :27; d. Chase Miles, Sutter, 7-4; lost to Garcia, 12-1.


Albino Orozco, Sr., Turlock (4-2, 7th place)–D. Kolton Osborn, Tribuco Hills, 17-2 tech; p. Dillain Potter, Caruthers, :34; lost via pin to Anthony Valencia, St. John Bosco, 4:44; d. Will Sumner, Nevada Union, 2-0; lost to Brody Brand, Clovis, 6-0; d. Seth Morales, Bonita, default.

Frankie Trent, Jr., Oakdale (1-2)–Lost to Stone Escobedo, Fountain Valley, 7-3; d. Dylan Kainrath, Del Oro, 3-1; lost via pin to Ryker Coppa, Marina, :59.


Antonio Melo, Sr., Hilmar (0-2)–Lost via pin to Deric Ginther, Royal, 1:24; lost via default to Christian Garcia, Archbishop Riordan.

Adrian Vizcaino, Sr., Central Valley (0-2)–Lost to Isaac Rangel, Firebaugh, 15-0 tech; lost to Garcia, 1-0.


Jay Johnson, Jr., Buhach Colony (0-2)–Lost via pin to Phillip O'Shea, Capistrano Valley, 4:20; lost via pin to Ben Madrid, Fountain Valley, 2:05.


Dominic Freeseha, Sr., Escalon (2-2)–D. Miracle Tausage, Mt. Miguel, 3-2; d. David Padilla, Dinuba, 5-0; lost to Gabriel Gonzalez, Washington Union, 6-3; lost to Graham Grant, Saratoga, 9-3.

JoJo Ochoa, Sr., Atwater (4-2)–D. Noe Sandoval, Paramount, 5-4; d. Travis Yarbrough, Bakersfield, 5-3; lost to Victor Raigoza, Orland, 3-1; d. Cole Wilbourn, Jesuit, 3-2; d. Jack Loumena, Leland, 2-1 (2 OT); Miguel Ruiz, Pioneer Valley, 3-1.

Nick Roditis, Sr., Pitman (0-2)–Lost to David Van Weems, Centennial/Cor, 6-4; Lost to Brian Book, Durham, 6-1.


Eric Bejaran, Sr., Pitman (0-2)–Lost via pin to Chance Eskam, Carlsbad, 1:38; lost via pin to Rangel Lowry, Deer Valley, 3:20.

Tony Lopez, Sr., Merced (3-2)–Lost via pin to Nick Nevills, Clovis, 1:26; p. Cameron Amador, Servite, 2:42; p. p. Daniel Mendoza, Archbishop Mitty, 2:37; p. Jose Ballesteros, Laguna Hills, 2:44; lost to Ryan Padilla, Glendora, 1-0.

Title Matches

106– Justin Mejia, Clovis, d. Chris Lacayo, 5-3

113– Matt Gamble, Monache, d. Robert Garcia, Selma, 4-3

120– Israel Saavedra, Modesto, d. Gionn Peralta, Vacaville, 5-4

126– Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West, d. Mason Pengilly, Porterville, 7-6

132– Zahid Valencia, St. John Bosco, p. Wyatt Wyckoff, Paradise, 2:53

138– Emilio Saavedra, Modesto, d. Mike Longo, Santiago/Corona, 5-4

145– Niko Villarreal, Gilroy, d. Chris Garcia, Clovis West, 11-6

152– Paul Fox, Gilroy, d. P.J. Klee, Cardinal Newman, 3-1

160– Colt Doyle, Poway, d. Kaleio Romero, Oakmont, 8-5

170– Anthony Valencia, St. John Bosco, d. Bryce Martin, Bakersfield, 14-4

182– Nick Fiegener, Folsom, d. Corey Griego, Sultana, 5-2

195– Ian Baker, La Costa Canyon, d. Richard Ybarra-Brandt, Liberty Madera Ranchos, 7-5

220– Jeramy Sweany, Vacaville, d. Gabriel Gonzalez, Washington Union, 2-1

285– Nick Nevills, Clovis, p. Nour Abdullatif, Roosevelt, 2:36

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