Frances Sanders: Didn’t appreciate Clinton cheap shot

March 5, 2014 

I read the Ann McFeatters article “Dictators and bad taste” (March 2, Issues & Ideas) about what we found out about dictators after they had been deposed. She listed the lavish and expensive lives they lead. They left behind the gilded furniture, rich draperies and overdone decorating in huge mansions.

This is nothing new. These despots care for nothing but the power and money that keeps them on top. They are usually ignorant and slightly mad. If you were my age (79), you would have seen these situations evolve year after year. What is new to me, though, is reading an article in which, after the writer has described the perfidious behavior of a dictator, she equates them with one of our presidents.

Why in the world would she promulgate the ridiculous lies that appeared in the press after the Clintons left the White House? This president left office leaving a sterling job of getting our finances in order, so that, for the first time in years, our debt was paid down, and the taxpayers ended up with a government which had a surplus of millions of dollars.



Editor’s note: The Clintons paid $86,000 to keep furnishings that had been given to them as gifts while they were in the White House.

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