Velma Tinkler: Toughen firearms restrictions

March 3, 2014 

Yes, gun-related violence is on the increase in our community, our state and the nation. Daily we learn of another killing, or, as happened to a friend, a robbery at gunpoint in her own home.

In various countries where background checks are strictly enforced for gun purchase, the rate of gun-related incidents has dropped. But here all guns, especially assault weapons, are available at gun shows and online with no background check! Why is it so easy for a dangerous person to acquire a gun?

These exceptions – online, flea markets, gun shows, etc. – threaten the effectiveness of our goal to prevent the taking of any further innocent lives. Our Legislature needs to expand control of the exceptions.



Editor’s note: Under current U.S. law, anyone who buys a gun from a licensed dealer must undergo an instant background check. But if you buy a gun in a private transaction, even from a seller who advertises on the Internet, there’s no background check in most states. California is an exception. The Golden State also forbids the sale of assault weapons.

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