Samuel H. Newnam: California Fish and Game commissioner is anti-hunting?!

March 1, 2014 

So the California Fish and Game commissioner, Michael Sutton, believes that regulated hunting is a bigger threat to wildlife than poaching.

He stated this in a story, according to the KCET’s website.

This man heads the Department of Fish and Wildlife? The man that pushed for the banning of all lead bullets for hunting in California, yet is a paid vice president for the Audubon Society that co-sponsored the lead-banning bill, Assembly Bill 711?

What the hell is going on in this state? Gov. Jerry Brown appointed an anti-hunter to this position?

Hunters, fishermen, sportsmen, gun owners, you better wake up and start getting involved with the legislation being introduced into the state.

We can’t hunt mountain lions, dogs can’t be used for bears, we can’t have lead bullets for hunting.

Next, no lead weights to fish with, banning all live bait (maggots and worms) for fishing or not allowing dogs to hunt birds and ducks?

Think I’m crazy? The last paragraph was actual bills proposed in other states.

Let’s stop this insanity. Get involved, write letters. For God’s sake do something before it is too late.



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