Carole Tapia: A bridge-building nightmare

February 28, 2014 

Hmmm, the bridge on Carpenter and Hatch, where do I start? An eyesore like this would never have happened in any other part of Modesto. It is an embarrassment to the residents of west Modesto and the city of Modesto.

I guess we will start with the pavement: There isn’t any reason that it could not have been done evenly instead of the patchwork that was done. Second, the barriers that were put up, the residents I have spoken to, including myself, thought they were temporary, but I guess not. They are an absolute eyesore. They also should have put lighting on the this bridge; it is very dark. And we were told there would be a walkway in both directions. Now they are coming up with excuses as to why it was not done.

Where did all the money go that was allocated for this project? Maybe someone should look into the finance part of this project.



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