Plans for Wood Colony draw strong responses

February 26, 2014 

Wood Colony resident and Hart Ranson elementary school teacher Sarah Rice, holds a sign in opposition to the city of Modesto's expansion into the Wood Colony area west of Hwy 99 during Tuesday night's (01-07-14) city council meeting.


They’ve given much already

Please don’t take any more land from Wood Colony. They have already given up so much for Modesto. Everyone, did you know that most all of the land on Dale Road, including land for the mall, all the way past Toys R Us and Red Lobster, was part of Wood Colony? The land was taken by Modesto expanding. How much more can we let them take before enough is enough? Don’t even try to take the land by the graveyard; that is the final resting place for many of my family members and many more to come. Please stop this now. How is this happening time and time again?

Mike Brandenburg and Family


Time for Modesto makeover

Paving Wood Colony is comparable to demolishing the Gallo Center for the Arts. It would destroy one of the good things about Modesto.

Some believe we have missed many opportunities because of a shortage of industrial land. California is known as unfriendly to business and studies show that Modesto is an undesirable place to live. It is easier to tell someone “no” and point to the shortage of land than it is to tell them Modesto is undesirable.

The street people, neglected properties, weeds, trash and graffiti discourage job formation and steal resources from productive endeavors. It is unrealistic to expect Salida or Wood Colony to accept affiliation with Modesto for the same reasons.

There are some positive aspects to living in Modesto, but there are many negatives. A recall election is a distraction from our challenge. Let’s identify areas that are making Modesto look bad and get busy fixing them. When Modesto is considered a desirable place, chances will improve for new jobs and an airport that flies.

Modesto needs a makeover. Destroying good things like Wood Colony is counterproductive. The new general plan should be to Make Modesto Better, not bigger.



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