Breaking Things: Bargain-hungry shoppers drive proliferation of discount stores

Posted by Patty Guerra on February 25, 2014 

Thrift and discount stores are definitely seeing their moment these days.

DD’s Discounts, which operates a store on Tully Road in Modesto, will open for business at 9 a.m. Saturday, March 1, at 1640 E. Hatch Road in Ceres.

This comes on the heels of second-hand stores, such as Goodwill and Ritzy Ragz, both in Modesto, moving to bigger digs within the last year. Dollar stores also continue to proliferate.

So what’s behind the success of shops like these? I suspect part of it is the still-sluggish economy, part of it is a desire to get the best deal possible and part of it is a still-growing interest in reusing and recycling items like furniture and clothes.

One local retailer who specializes in “upcycling” old furniture told me her clients like getting a personalized, brand-new look on a solid piece of furniture that has stood the test of time, and they learn that they can do it for less than they would spend to buy new. The other thing about thrift stores is the thrill of the hunt — there’s no guarantee you’re going to find anything, so when you come across something fabulous, it’s a triumph.

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