February 25, 2014 

ABELOE, Kenneth and Barbara

ALCARAZ, Sarita and Hector

ALLMOND, Kimberly and Brent

ANDERSON, Elizabeth and Troy

ARAKELIAN, Shari and Dean

BARELA, Tina and GALE, Gregory

BARNES, Debra and Michael

BORDI, Heidi and Brian

BRASIL, Lucila and Jorge

BRETAS, Casey and Pedro

BRIAR, Sharon and Robert

CABALLERO, Alma and AGUILAR, Liberato

CARVALHO, Amanda and VARGAS, Luis

CAVANAGH, Stephanie and Daniel

CHILDS, Denise and Steve

CISNEROS, Juana and Jaime

CORTEZ, Rosalinda and Alejandro

CRUZ, Veronica and Joshua

DANIELS, Ana and Benjamin



EMMERT, Ceneca and BETTENCOURT, Robert

FINCH, Steven and Denise

FLORES, Armando and Susan

GALLEGOS, Robert and Sandra

GARCIA, Sandra and PHAM, Phuc

GILMORE, Dee and Edmond

GOEN, Mary and Shaun

HART, Cinzia and Charles

HARVEY, Jennifer and Joseph

HASKINS, Donna and John

HUMMEL, Laurel and Vincent

JANSEN, Brooke and Marc

KUMAR, Urmila and Vijend

LANDES, Nannette and ZEPEDA, Irving

LANE, Troy and Tanisha

LOPEZ, Esperanza and Miguel

LOPEZ, Marisela and VEGA, Priscilian

MADDALON, James and Joleen

MCLELAND, Janet and Matthew

NAVARRO, Rafael and Rosa

ORTUNO, Yesenia and BLANCO, Ivan

PEREZ, Nancy and Daniel

PIMENTEL, Damian and PRADO, Yolanda

POLSKY, Nancy and Alan

RAMOS, Beatrice and SANTILLANO, Antonio

SANDERS, Berry and Lawrence

SANDOVAL, Maria and Martin

SMITH, Wayne and DICKEY SMITH, Ranee

SNIDER, Ricky and Ana

SOUZA, Karma and John

SPRAGUE, Connie and CONCINA, Elpidio

SUDERMAN, Veronica and Thane

VENTURA, Joseph and Janice

WHITE, Diane and Jim

WILKINS, Janene and Keenan

WOODBRIDGE, Jeffrey and Roxanna

Source: Stanislaus County Court

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