Dean Jepson: Hastening the end times?

February 24, 2014 

The letter “Signs end times are approaching” (Feb. 19) concerning the end of times was steeped in irony. How bitcoins are being used, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Obamacare lies and religious persecution are the writer’s examples of the foretold end.

Where do the lobbyists for Monsanto, Big Oil, Big Pharma, gun manufacturers, etc. fit into the equation?

The hidden agendas championed by these folks costs hundreds of thousands of lives annually for profit. The plutocrats running our country use laws from the American Legislative Exchange Council and cherry-pick the Constitution to create distractions at the state and local levels so they can go about dismantling the middle class and continue their massive upward distribution of money.

Do you honestly think they want anything to change? They concern you with leaving your grandkids a multitrillion-dollar debt, while ensuring they won’t have clean air, water or food. They talk about energy independence, but sunset and stymie fossil-fuel alternatives to continue lining their pockets. Their flunkies take services from kids, elderly and the disabled, but throw billions away in corporate welfare.

The end of days may be upon us, but it has nothing to do with FEMA, and a great deal to do with thinking you know something when you don’t.



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