David Baxter: Ceres attack is an outrage

February 22, 2014 

Response to article: “Woman battles attacker” (Feb. 19, Page A1): Aaron Modisett-Hollie is arrested Dec. 2 on charges of kidnapping for robbery or a sex crime, assault with the intent to commit felony mayhem or rape, and false imprisonment. He is sentenced to 365 days on the assault charge and spends a total of 77 days in jail. Amazing!

The day after Modisett-Hollie is released, he attacks and attempts to rape a woman.

Our criminal justice system is a complete failure in the Valley. Apparently criminals are not afraid of going to jail. Is this because they know they will be released early? Is it because jail is not that unpleasant? Jails don’t need television, carpet, snack bars and art (does the county still require that a percentage of the budget to build a new jail be spent on art?). And we don’t need conjugal visits in prisons.

How can county supervisors and judges expect our police officers not to be totally frustrated when they arrest a criminal and the criminal is back out on the streets a few days or months later? Not enough money to build and staff jails? Declare a state of emergency and let the military take over housing criminals.



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