Kenneth Hanigan: IRS didn’t have time to help

February 22, 2014 

I recently returned from getting married in Argentina with my fiancé from Peru. We had to work with two foreign embassies, the office of sexual diversity, two immigration offices, a Peruvian attorney and several smaller offices and we were treated with respect and given as much help as needed to manage the complicated process.

Today I was refused help when I asked an IRS agent to discuss how to process my taxes while married to someone still living in a foreign country. I do not have access to his signature, or personal documents. She told me to get the information book from the shelf. When I discovered it was in Spanish, she told me she didn’t have the time to find an English version.

I think our country used to be more friendly and supportive, and people were more courteous and helpful. Some of us still need a real person to talk to when we are unsure, and are not so comfortable figuring it all out online. In the last three months, I never felt as frustrated as I did when asking for help from the IRS office. After two visits, I am left to figure it out on my own.



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