Old training round creates concern in Turlock

February 22, 2014 

Turlock police called out the bomb squad Saturday morning to deal with a spent military training round.


A military training round, which had already been detonated, forced the closure of streets around the Public Safety Facility, 244 N. Broadway Ave., in Turlock on Saturday, police said.

The bomb squad was called out to the parking lot at 10:30 a.m. after a person brought in what he believed was an explosive device, police said.

“The citizen purchased the device in an estate sale and promptly brought it to the Public Safety Facility,” police said. Streets around the Public Safety Facility were closed and Allen Mortuary, the only nearby business that was open, was notified of what was taking place, police said. “The bomb squad radiographed the training round and determined it to be inactive, according to a news release. They identified the device as a military training round which had already been detonated.”

Police took the extra precaution, a police official said, because sometimes a little bit of residue left in a round can explode. “As a note to the general public,” police said, “if you believe that you are in contact with any type of explosive device, we ask that you leave it in place and call the Police Department from a safe distance.”

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