Dolly McGrath: Modesto gobbling up land

February 21, 2014 

Mayor Garrad Marsh, really? You want us to believe that you know what is best for Wood Colony and Salida? Really?

Decisions made by the Modesto City Council and the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, today and in the past, have almost unanimously gone against what the majority of city and county residents have wanted. Nearly every single decision has been in favor of builders. Now is the perfect time to develop and redevelop what already exists. Think of all the jobs and tax revenues that could be generated from empty commercial buildings and land already designated for improvement. Clean up and help beautify what you have neglected and get our city off “one of the worst places to live” list.

Why must residents constantly have do battle with you? The answer is because you do not really plan. Never have. Your only plan is to continue to gobble up the richest earth in the world. No more! Bring on the recall!



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