Michael Caine: Could Carpenter Road bridge get any worse?

February 20, 2014 

Was someone trying to create a worse design than the Carpenter/Briggsmore interchange when they designed the retrofit for the Carpenter Road bridge? I saw concrete trucks in the two pedestrian lanes during construction, yet they kept two lanes for autos after more than doubling the width of the bridge. It’s now more dangerous for pedestrians and less convenient for cars because it forces about 90 percent of the pedestrians who actually use the bridge to cross Carpenter on unmarked crossings at the lights. There is ample room for four very wide lanes of traffic and two wider pedestrian lanes than were there before the retrofit. But we are left with two car lanes and only one open pedestrian lane and one huge competed lane that is totally wasted, a situation so illogical you wonder if anyone of who designed it actually uses the bridge.

I know the purpose for the retrofit was earthquake protection, but when you spend the money one would think two more lanes of traffic would only make sense and that the pedestrian lanes make no sense at all. Are we on “Candid Camera”?



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