Bob Wells: As city, Wood Colony talk, listen for ‘code’

February 20, 2014 

Regarding “City, Colony should keep talking” (Opinions, Feb. 18.) Modesto Chamber of Commerce Chairman Dave Giannelli only represents business interests in the Modesto area. He and his group only care about those interests. Consumers, land owners and farmers of Salida and Wood Colony beware. Did you read his words “lack of jobs and opportunity,” and “get the city moving real economic development” and “shovel-ready land for business parks”?

Salida and Wood Colony, those are business code words for “get your land by hook or by crook.”

Band together because they want your land. You might not have a vote in Modesto, but I do and I won’t forget about this injustice. Dave Lopez, I won’t be voting for you anymore; we voters won’t reward this type of behavior.



Editor’s note: Council members Lopez and Bill Zoslocki voted against inclusion of Wood Colony in the city’s general plan amendment at the Jan. 28 council meeting.

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