Sandra Souza-Desimone: Reconsider raising parking fees at Modesto Junior College

February 19, 2014 

I read with incredulity that MJC is planning on raising parking fees by as much as two times. What does that matter to me? I am not a student at MJC, but decisions like this do directly impact the neighborhood. As a student at the college, I would simply not pay the fee and park in the surrounding neighborhoods. Oh wait, this already happens.

Here is where my bone of contention lies: We must compete for parking in front of our own homes – not just residents, but anyone working or visiting. During school sessions, the litter left behind by college students is disgusting. Traffic created by cruisers in search of the elusive free parking spot is dangerous.

Solutions: Make parking fees part of the tuition for everyone or eliminate the fee. If everyone (or no one) paid it would save managing expenses. Oh, here is another idea: secure bike parking. Finally, what happened to the multi-level parking facility promised by Measure E, construction and renovation projects?

MJC needs to make parking on campus attractive, not prohibitive.


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