Stan Lindsay: Modesto area Mormons prayed for rain, too

February 19, 2014 

I read the article “God listens to our prayers, faith leaders say” (Feb. 16, Page A3) with great interest. It was nice to see a wide variety of local faith leaders represented. I was surprised and disappointed, however, when I didn’t see a representative from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints quoted in the article.

There are four Stakes within your readership area. A Stake is made up of several congregations known as wards. Each Stake consists of about 3,000 members. So with approximately 12,000 members in your coverage area, a substantial number of potential subscribers, your reporter could not find a single Stake president or bishop of a ward to contact?

The article mentioned that Catholics and Muslims held special days to pray for rain during the month of January. They are to be commended for that. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also had a day of fasting and prayer for rain. My hope is that the next time you have an article representing the faiths of our community you don’t ignore one of the largest Christian faiths in the area.



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