Carol Anne Miller: Wood Colony threat isn’t from Salida chamber

February 19, 2014 

Regarding the assumption in the letter “Does Salida chamber covet Colony?” (Feb. 14, Letters) that Wood Colony is fighting annexation by the city of Modesto, with a tremendous amount of effort by literally hundreds of actual residents of Wood Colony and our friends in town, that we would then just hand over Wood Colony to Salida.

We are much smarter than either the letter writer, or the city, is giving us credit for. It is nonsensical to rhetorically ask that if the “goal” of Salida’s chamber is not to annex Wood Colony, then that chamber is “not doing its job.” Wood Colony and Salida have been great neighbors forever; it is not a crime to have a neighbor help us. Salida has been fighting annexation to Modesto for much longer than we have, and we in Wood Colony have a long-standing commitment of always being there for our neighbors. It’s called community, and it is what we are fighting to preserve. I thank you for your concern, and if Salida were to attempt a hostile takeover, like the city of Modesto has, we know we can count on you to help – correct?



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