Rae Waltman: Don’t condemn all pit bulls as violence-prone

February 15, 2014 

I too am saddened by the dog attack by the young lady mentioned in the paper (“Modesto woman attacked by pit bull in 2nd dog incident in two weeks,” Feb. 11, Page B1 ).

I am appalled by the unreasonable reaction to all pit bulls. Every large dog can be a threat to someone’s safety, which includes a very large number of breeds, and yet not all are. With reference to the letter “Pit bulls are natural killers” (Feb. 5), that’s about the same as saying that all bullies are born killers! A ridiculous analogy, but accurate.

Animals, as well as people, are products of their environments. Animals have to be taught to be aggressive, vicious or dangerous. My experience with pit bulls in the last 30 years has been phenomenal. Both sexes were sweet, friendly and very, very well behaved.

In England they were once referred to as the “nanny dog” because of their gentleness, intelligence, protection and “natural calmness.” In short, owners of these “killers” are the ones who should have to undergo mandatory sterilization, as well as serious jail time, instead of the animals having to pay for the cruelty imposed on them by their incompetent, undeserving owners. If not stopped, they will continue to create frightened, dangerous animals with a horrible reputation they don’t deserve!



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