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Ron Agostini: Warm weather hurts Olympics

ragostini@modbee.comFebruary 14, 2014 

Reading time, two minutes:

• Welcome to the Winter Olympics from ... wait a minute: Who replaced Sochi with Palm Springs?

• The temperatures have hovered in the mid-40s for the Alpine races. I’ve seen that much slush at Dodge Ridge around 3 p.m.

• Americans are complaining about everything from bad hotel rooms to below-average halfpipes to even their own uniforms. Small wonder why they’re not winning much.

• Shaun White, the “Flying Tomato,” cut off his red locks and then failed to reach the podium in halfpipe. Never mess with the hair, Tomato.

• The U.S.A. still dominates – in X Games events.

• NBC host Bob Costas has been put on the disabled list due to pink eye, and can these Games get any worse?

• A Shirley Temple sometimes is a refreshing drink after a day in the sun. But it won’t taste as good without Shirley Temple.

• Isaiah Burse (Modesto Christian, Fresno State) has been invited to the NFL Combine. Bet he can handle those cone drills.

• The Yankees’ Derek Jeter has begun his farewell tour. At each stop he’ll begin, “I’d like to thank Jeremy Giambi for not sliding.”

• Old-school Warriors fans are smiling over the Hall of Fame induction of Guy Rodgers and Al Attles.

• The Warriors’ Mark Jackson should not be on the coaching hot seat, but: So much for that talk about Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson being the best shooting backcourt in NBA history.

• LeBron James left Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell off his Mount Rushmore. It’s not much of a mountain without them.

• Will James eventually place himself on the hill? The answer is yes, if he keeps knocking down step-back 3s with .1 left to win.

• As far as this season goes: Make way for Kevin Durant, the MVP.

• Enjoying his front-row seat for Durant every night: Thunder assistant coach Mike Terpstra (ex-MJC and Cal State Stanislaus).

• The Modesto Junior College baseball team has sprinted to a 6-0 start. Must be all those Escalon guys.

• The Dodgers have increased parking costs for their fans. Someone has to pay for that Clayton Kershaw contract.

• Only because we’re closing in on March Madness: Ralph Sampson.

• We’ll just step out on a limb, after another week of Richie Incognito, and guess that the Miami Dolphins will not draft Michael Sam.

• By the way, Sam should thank Incognito. Because of him, his entry into the league has been smoothed.

• About those critics who say Sam’s presence will skew the delicate balance of NFL locker rooms: Sam told his Missouri teammates before last season that he was gay. The Tigers, thus traumatized, went 12-2 and were ranked fifth in the nation.

• Dodge opened on Wednesday, just in time for Presidents Day weekend. Better late than never.

• Julia Mancuso became the first American to earn an Alpine medal in three straight Olympics. She says her success comes from her childhood at Squaw Valley, the site of the 1960 Games. I think she’s right.

• South Lake Tahoe’s Jamie Anderson (she grew up in Meyers) won gold in slopestyle. Her photo decorates the home page of Sierra-at-Tahoe’s website, because that’s where she learned to snowboard.

• Anderson’s family formula: Home-schooled, no TV, encouraged to be outside and having fun. Worked for her.

• Sage Kotsenburg, another slopestyle gold medalist, excelled after a night-before meal of onion rings. Worked for him.

• Potential saviors of the Olympics’ second week – the men’s and women’s hockey teams.

• I think I found my niche for future Olympics – the broom guy in curling.

• The Winter Olympics has provided a new line for the lexicon: I feel like a stray dog in Sochi.

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