Dee Miller: A refuge from the rain

February 14, 2014 

In such economically unstable time in a town as big and crime-ridden as Modesto, it’s easy to become cynical and suspicious of strangers. No one is obligated to notice a young mother with two small children struggling along Hatch Road in the rain. Random acts of kindness are spontaneous, unselfish deeds with no expectation of a return or reward. In today’s society, who does that? Only angels.

The day after my daughter was released from the hospital she rode the bus from Turlock and she and my grandkids got caught in the downpour. Before her last hope was gone, she was sent an angel by the name of Nettie Hevle. The generosity of Hevle gave my daughter her faith back and a renewed desire to perform her own acts of kindness.



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