Anthony Salafia: Is sexuality all we have to talk about?

February 12, 2014 

Sunday evening I was watching ESPN to catch the highlights of a day rich in sports that included:

• The Sochi Winter Olympics.

• The final round of the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament.

• The return of Chris Paul from injury.

• The two No. 1 teams in men’s and women’s college basketball (Syracuse and UConn) playing in key games.

• Carmelo Anthony/Knicks vs. Kevin Durant/Thunder in a marquee NBA matchup.

• The suspension of Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart after shoving a Texas Tech fan.

Despite all these events, ESPN decided that its “lead story” was the coming out of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam, describing it as “historical,” “momentous” and “landmark.” As a result, the network gave the story the amount of airtime and written space to make their point. I suppose if I had been reading People magazine or watching “Ellen” or “Entertainment Tonight,” I would have understood the attention.

Unfortunately, ESPN (and its parent company, Disney) has used its platform to make a simple human interest story the “lead story” in what the network considers to be important in the world of sports. Once again, the media continues to feed our culture’s emphasis of sexuality over all else!



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