Valerie Goldstein: Following the Wood Colony land heist?

February 11, 2014 

Concerning Mayor Marsh’s thoughts “Mayor: Council acted to protect farmland” about “gifting” land back to Wood Colony: Here’s how this “gift” is perceived by us: Let’s say the plight of homelessness has become a hot topic at council meetings. In response, the council formulates a brilliant solution. They deduce the problem lies in lack of homes. If they could get their hands on some square footage, problem solved!

They get a map and look for available space. They settle on your neighborhood and draw up a plan. At the council meeting, you see your house on the overhead. They X out three rooms! They are showing a diagram of your home and explaining which rooms you can do without! Your community is outraged. In response, the mayor decides to “gift” one of your bedrooms back to you.

Neighbors! I did see my home on an overhead and watched them point and argue over whether my home was to be a warehouse, office or �*! green space! I’m not grateful for the “compromise” in “giving back” some of Wood Colony anymore than you would be grateful to be told you can keep using your living room after all.



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