Todd Heinrich: Should have asked residents first

February 11, 2014 

I find it ironic that the mayor is telling us Wood Colony residents that “there is perception and then there is reality.” He is the one who originally proposed the addition of Wood Colony farmland to the city’s general plan. He is the one who backtracked and took some of the land out when he realized the hornets’ nest he had stirred up. If the mayor is pro ag, why did he let it get proposed in the first place? He seems to be blaming everything on the “evil” chamber of commerce, when initially he was for it. At the end of his op-ed, he writes: “I would be pleased to meet with you.” If he really wanted Wood Colony’s input, he would have met with some of the area’s citizens to see how the community felt before he proposed them and caused this mess. I was always taught to do my homework. I am afraid the mayor and City Council have taken the easy way out and let the chamber do it for them; now they’re feeling the consequences.



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