Bonnie Nixon: Don’t condemn an entire breed

February 10, 2014 

Regarding “Pass law to curb pit bulls” (Letters, Jan. 10.) When I read articles like this I wonder if the person has ever been involved with more than one pit bull in his life. I’m in my 60s, not in a gang. I have had a lot of dogs, including pit bulls. I have seen a lot of pit bulls outside, behaving well. I’ve mostly had rescue dogs and have had all the so called “bad breeds.” The most aggressive dog I’ve had is a Queensland heeler, which is not on the bad dog list. The most passive was a chow mix, followed by a pit bull that I had for 15 years.

All dogs can be mean. I believe in responsible ownership and do not condone an aggressive dog being loose on the streets. It has been my observation that love goes a long way with all animals, and the outcome of that animal. I know that some people will never trust pit bulls. But you cannot pick out one dog and say it represents the whole breed. That is ignorance. You can’t change some people’s biased mindset, but you can’t allow it to flourish.



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