Pat George: Obamacare math looks good

February 3, 2014 

I read the letter “Insurance changes an outrage” (Jan. 29) and I did the math. The writer’s numbers indicate he was paying $2,556 per year, or $213 per month (which is $106.50 per person, assuming he’s part of a couple since he referred to “our” coverage). He says he has been in the insurance business for 40 years. That indicates he is in his early 60s.

My experience when my husband retired in 1999 was that it cost us $300-plus per month for decent coverage until he was 65. At the time, he was in perfect health, no pre-existing conditions. I’m positive that insurance coverage hasn’t gotten cheaper since 1999.

I think the writer is darned lucky he didn’t have any major medical problems during the time he had this “perfect” coverage.

People complain about losing plans costing under $100 per month. I believe they were woefully underinsured and should thank the Affordable Care Act for helping them see that. These plans collect premiums, pay limited benefits and just when you most need insurance, you’re out of coverage. Common sense should tell you that insurers will not pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars on these cheap policies. These are the medical bills that bankrupt so many people, not the occasional visit for minor ailments, which insurers happily pay.


La Grange

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