J.P. Canabou: Obama didn’t lie, just made mistake

February 1, 2014 

It is commonly thought that politicians lie frequently.

Lie: a false statement deliberately presented as being true.

Do people lie knowing the truth cannot be hidden? That would seem foolish.

Critics argue that President Obama lied when he promised the Affordable Care Act would allow people to keep their insurance and their doctors. Whatever faults President Obama may have, he is not unintelligent. The ACA is the major accomplishment of his presidency. No sane person would jeopardize his legacy by knowingly deceiving the American people while being fully aware that the truth would be revealed when the ACA rolled out.

Instead, poor judgment and inadequate analysis by the ACA team of advisers led to the “lie” – in short, faulty intelligence.

Sadly, lie or not, the ACA has hit a severe lack of trust. The buck stops at the president.

I recall similar presidential “faulty intelligence” leading to the Iraq War. That “glitch” (or lie?) resulted in an ill-advised, unnecessary, unfunded, costly war where the ultimate sacrifice was paid by our courageous armed forces personnel. As both “glitches” caused undesired consequences, the same measure of truth should apply.

Obama’s inexcusable “glitch” brought serious inconvenience to some folks. The other “glitch” brought an unpardonable tragedy. Which was worse?



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