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Agostini: Wrong venues for Winter Olympics, Super Bowl

ragostini@modbee.comJanuary 31, 2014 

Reading time, two minutes:

• The Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics are on the way, and how could you whiff on the location of both?

• My Winter Games anxiety usually is reserved for the figure skater or downhiller not falling. This year, it’s a success if there are no bombs.

• The NFL may avoid the embarrassing snowdump in New York on Sunday. Meanwhile, Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to hang rabbit’s feet at his office.

• Sochi could be tropical or blizzard-like. Where’s Al Roker when you need him?

• Joe Montana said he missed the last game at Candlestick Park because his son was playing football that weekend for Tulane. Funny, but the 49ers closed the ’Stick on a Monday night.

• Closer to the truth: Montana still has issues about how it all ended for him with the 49ers.

• Just asking: Who hijacked Richard Sherman?

• The Super Bowl expected Sherman’s bluster. Instead, it got his sweet side. Which is it?

• Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, an all-time trash-talker, questions Sherman’s sincerity. Just being mad at Michael Crabtree apparently doesn’t qualify.

• Sherman’s rant succeeded at one level – by creating about 100 million Denver Broncos fans.

• Colin Kaepernick on Sherman giving him the choke sign: “Did that make you feel better about yourself? Then go ahead. I’m not worried about you.” Perfect.

• The quarterback is a major team spokesman in the NFL. Kaepernick’s interview this week indicates he’s starting to get it.

• Kaepernick will make his second straight appearance at the Cartoon Network Hall of Game awards show, this time alongside Cam Newton. Mocking touchdown celebrations aside, they’re good friends.

• Peyton Manning can’t wait. The game plan is in place, he’s coming off his best season, and the new Papa John’s ad is ready to go.

• The Seahawks’ secondary calls itself the “Legion of Boom.” Doesn’t have that “Monsters of the Midway” or “No-Name Defense” ring to it. Unless they win Sunday.

• The 49ers own five Super Bowl titles, five more than the nicknames attached to them.

• A personal note to the retired Modesto Junior College swimming and water polo coach Dave Ashleigh: The hummingbirds on Catalina Island need you. Get well.

• Lake Tahoe ski resorts finally received significant snowfall. Wish we could say the same for Dodge Ridge.

• An old favorite: Tampa Bay running back Mike “You’re In Good Hands With” Alstott.

• The ball can’t be shot better these days than by Creighton’s Doug McDermott and Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant.

• Works for me: Durant, the Slim Reaper.

• Watch the Sherman-vs.-Demaryius Thomas dual. The winner probably will feel the confetti hitting his face late Sunday.

• A clarification from last week: Billy Ross, one of 26 survivors of the 1960 plane crash that killed 16 members of the Cal Poly football team, died last month. Another survivor, who’s still with us today, is former Modesto High coach Don Adams.

• Another survivor is Ted Tollner, who later became a head coach at USC and San Diego State.

• One of the quiet Super Bowl heroes is the federal judge who said the $764 million settlement for NFL concussion victims was not enough.

• Four years ago, the NFC West’s record against non-divisional teams was 13-27. This year it was 30-10. Conclusion: The real Super Bowl may have been contested two weeks ago.

• Some observers think Manning should retire if the Broncos win, given his comeback from spinal-fusion surgery. A potential barrier: He truly loves the game.

• Last Sunday was the first without the NFL in five months. Amazing how we found other things to do.

• I thought Goodell and Vladimir Putin could dictate the weather.

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