Mike Gain: Petty politics cost fire chief his job

January 29, 2014 

This concerns the Jan. 28 article titled “Fire chief is asked to resign” (Page B1). The Modesto Fire Department, the Salida Fire Department and the Fire Warden’s Office recently merged to form the Modesto Regional Fire Authority (MRFA). Each agency has a single vote on the MRFA Board. Most assets of MRFA come from the Modesto Fire Department, yet Modesto has no more say than the much smaller Salida Fire Department or the Fire Warden’s Office.

As Salida and the Fire Warden’s Office politically unite their votes against Modesto, the result is a near standstill in effective ability to make decisions. I am disgusted that supposed adults are playing petty children’s games that are destroying this public safety agency and the morale of its employees.

Fire Chief Bradley is not a “Salida” man or a “Modesto” man or a “Warden’s Office” man. He came from the Bay Area as a highly qualified and desperately needed neutral person to run MRFA. Unlike others who have purely selfish interests, his sole allegiance is to the Modesto Regional Fire Authority. MRFA and its employees need him.

I encourage The Modesto Bee and the public to investigate deeper into the political agendas and personal aspirations behind this directed resignation.



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