Joan Coolidge: Obama isn't God

January 27, 2014 

The letter that ran Jan. 20 said we should be “Putting Benghazi to rest.” That’s like saying let’s put all the unsolved murders to rest. Another case of let’s forget about the victims. The administration made up a story about the video to save their butts. They later said it was a mistake. Our illustrious president went to Las Vegas when this was going on. What a guy. The Senate report said attackers were tied to al-Qaida. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knows they lied. We all know.

Some people hang onto Obama like he is God. He is a man that made some very bad choices. He can’t own up to anything. He blames everyone else. Stop throwing everyone else under the bus and take the blame for your own doings, Mr. President. The families of those dead Americans would appreciate that more. Let’s not forget the victims.



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